• on October 23, 2018

Prayer for Vocations

Fr. John Converset with the home-based seminarians and deacon Leonel

Oh Jesus, Eternal Shepherd of our souls!
Look with mercy on this small portion of your beloved flock.
Oh Lord, have pity on our great need for vocations.

Give us missionary vocations, to religious and priestly life
as well as steadfast lay people.

Precious God, we want vocations as Saint Daniel Comboni wanted them:
Holy and Capable.

So that they may shape their heart as the Pierced Heart of Jesus:
A heart that suffers and takes pity on the sufferings of the most poor and neglected people.

A Heart that is continuously searching for those people who are lost in every human situation until Jesus finds them and brings them home.

We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
our most sweet and Holy Mother.
Oh Jesus, give us vocations for your church according to your heart.

Saint Daniel Comboni

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